The Spiritual Fitness Manual – For Military Service Members

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Spiritual Fitness is the key to building a better relationship with God, your spouse, your children, and your fellow military personnel. It will help you overcome the trauma of combat and the rigors of military life.

The Spiritual Fitness Manual was written by military chaplains and other experts specifically for combat professionals and veterans. It was enthusiastically received by the US military, and almost 60,000 copies of the Military Bible with the Spiritual Fitness Manual have been deployed to service members in the war zones and around the world. It includes easy to follow articles on diverse subjects like Spiritual Fitness and a Positive Mental Attitude, Spiritual Fitness, Marriage, and Hope for the Deployed.

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$5 puts a Bible in the hands of our nation’s heroes.

God works through your generous gifts to bless the service men and women of the United States of America, and give them hope and strength as they fight on the front lines.

Committed to serving those who serve us.

Making the decision to give is significant. The National Bible Association also works with chaplains across the nation to equip soldiers at home to battle the emotional and spiritual side effects of their service.